Learn About Different Types of PCBs and Their Advantages

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a thin board manufactured by composite epoxy, fibreglass or other laminate materials. PCBs are utilized in hundreds of commercial and industrial applications including Electric and heat transfer and also hydraulic appliances. According to one of the best PCB Assembly Manufacturers Services in India, its applications are traced in different electrical components such as beepers, radars, radios and computer system, etc. Different kinds of PCBs have different applications. Let’s have a look at them.

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Different types of PCBs and their applications

As reported by the best Printed Circuit Board Assemblerin India, these appliances are often categorized on the ground of frequency, layers and utilization of the substrate. Some are discussed below.

Single-Sided PCBs
It is the most common type of circuit board containing a single layer of the base material. The layer is again also covered with the thin metal layers such as copper (a good conductor of electricity). According to some experienced PCB Assembly Manufacturers Services in India, some of its advantages are -

  1. These circuit boards can be used in volume production and cost-effective.
  2. It is used in simple circuits such as sensors, relays and electronic toys.

Double-Sided PCBs
Expert Printed Circuit Board Manufacturerhas made these PCBs featuring metal layers in both of sides. It connects the circuits with through-hole technology involving inserting of the lead components. Some of its advantages are:

  1. Surface mounting lets more circuits to be connected to the board.
  2. Double-PCBs can be used in a large range of applications including power monitoring, amplifier and even mobile phone system, etc.

Multi-layer PCBs
It comprises different and more than two copper layers like 4L, 6L and 8L, etc. Different layers of the substrate board and insulating materials divide the layers in multi-layer PCBs. Following the report of the best PCB Assembly Manufacturers Services in India, some of its benefits are:

  1. It provides a high-level of design flexibility.
  2. It plays a vital part in speed circuits and offers more space for conveyor pattern and power.

Rigid PCBs
It is manufacture from a solid material that can’t be bent. It offers some benefits such as:

  1. As it is compact, it ensures the production of a variety of complex circuitry.
  2. It is easy to maintain and repair.

Flexible PCBs
It is manufactured with a flexible base material. As per the reports of the best Printed Circuit Board Supplier, some of its advantages are:

  1. It spares lots of space and reduces overall board weight.
  2. It offers its application where temperature and density is a concern.

Rigid-Flex-PCBs and High-Frequency PCBs

Rigid-Flex-PCB is made of the flexible and rigid circuit board. High-Frequency PCBs can be utilized in the frequency range of 500MHz and 2HZ. As per the reports of the best PCB Assembly Manufacturers Services in India, their benefits are:

  1. Rigid-Flex-PCB can be used in hospital and military applications and it also saves 60% of weight and space savings.
  2. High-Frequency PCBs are utilized in the communication system and other places.

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Aluminium backed PCBs

These PCBs are used for LED and power supplies.

The demand for PCB boards is gradually increasing. You can find a professional PCB Assembly Manufacturer in Noida.When you are going for a PCB Assembly Manufacturers Service in India, it is always recommended to rely on an experienced one.