Electronic Component Manufacturing industry in India

India is gradually becoming the leading hub of manufacturing electrical components. This subtle development is crucial for the ‘Made in India’ programme. The more growth of electronic component manufacturing companies, the higher will be the chances for large OEMs to establish their branches in India.

Curbix Control Systems (P) Ltd. is one of the leading electronic component manufacturing India-based companies. We perfectly understand your business requirements and come up with amazing solutions beyond your expectation level.

About Us
About Us

Who are we?

Cubix Control Systems (P) Ltd. is fully committed to delegating top-notch quality and unique end-to-end electronic components manufacturing solutions to our clients. We are known to provide full-fledged services in various sectors such as telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, lighting, defense, home appliances, and so on. We are the best electronic component manufacturing industry in India, working in this field over the last 30 years. Cubix has become the most influential and leading electronics parts manufacturing services provider which is corresponding to superiority and expertise in the Electronics industry.

We possess unrelenting concentrate on quality, value, delivery, AI technology in everything we make and do. We possess innumerable reputed clients across the globe who purchase our premium quality electronic components from us.

We are moving forward to bring innovative components:

According to Industry professionals, India’s intuitive electronic components manufacturing ecosystem will be in a high position to compete in the world. Indian automotive electronics sector has achieved a significant boost which is impelled by venture capital funds and free trade assignments.

This is only possible when the Indian electronic component manufacturing industry can fruitfully convert them to the superior production hub. To acquire those challenges, following criteria will have to be addressed:

● Inept supply chain for raw materials.
● Deficiency of skilled labour.
● Significant high capital costs.
● Unavailability of smart manufacturing equipment.

While taking into consideration the aforementioned factors, Cubix has come up with their efficient ideas of PCB assembly, wiring Harness, Plastic moulding, and Box-build assembly. We are continuously striving to improve our capabilities.

About Us
About Us

What can we offer you?

1. PCB assembly:

Printed Circuit Board assembly is the leading foundation of our success journey. Here we use the advanced technologies on the surface mount which is mainly accumulated with a professional’s concern for acute perfection. It enables our veteran team to acquire a top-notch throughput and manufacturing the most complicated PCB assemblies.

2. Box Build assembly:

We offer our premium box build assembly services that are mainly starting from component assembly to final mechanical integration.

About Us
About Us

3. Wiring Harness:

Our proficient electronic component manufacturing team offer various personalized cable harness assemblies which aim to provide viability and strain-free to cables.

4. Plastic moulding:

We have currently established in-house plastic injection moulding machines to produce plastic electronic components.

So don't worry anymore about obtaining the perfect raw materials for development of different types of electrical machineries. Contact our organization and sort out the best and compact designs at most affordable rates. We ensure to provide you with the best products at the earliest respecting your sense of creativity and helping the society with the products sooner.

About Us