Automated house is the new trend

When was the last time you thought about doing automation in your home but had to give up your thought due to the huge budget? Today’s home automation has been executed by the incorporation of the latest AI technology.

With the help of automation, you would never have to memorize when to perform a home cleaning activity. Rather these hassle-free programmable thermostats will notify you when your carpets require cleaning. Automated house is the newest trend and computers can quickly program everything on behalf of you.

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About Us

The future lies in here -
Home automation

Cubix Control Systems (P) Ltd. is one of the leading Electronic Manufacturing Service organizations. The increasing greater bandwidth availability and cloud computing power have crafted a “superior development” in the arena of modern home AI-based technology.

Cubix is fully pledged to provide top-notch quality and various cost-effective solutions to our customers. So that our valuable customers can grab our unrivaled home automation experience. Well, let’s have a look at the most significant home automation trends sprouting in that space.

1. Voice-controlled home automation systems:

Are you dreaming of embellishing your house with subtle automation? Cubix’s ultra-premium voice-controlled systems have created a “perfect storm” in home automation. Well, are you thinking of controlling your home automation process by using your phone simply?

The similar type of language processing technology and voice recognition process has been using by most of the IT companies in helping customers manage their advanced homes by voice commands. Apart from that, after returning home, you simply command your Smartphone to control the thermostat, lighting, and other gadgets.

About Us
About Us

2. Device interoperability and
open platforms:

Nowadays, customers are mostly adapting to automated home systems that emphasize functionality and compatibility. Cubix is continuously striving to develop more technologies. We provide various amenities to our customers such as allowing for a unified operated interface that can easily connect protocols and other isolated devices.

Our uplifted apps platforms provide customers the capability of adding all the other devices into a single and easy interface. Such a home automation process will help to enhance various controls and amenities.

3. Advanced sensors:

Sensors possess long been used to identify smoke, motion, temperature, and other natural factors for safety and security. Automation in wireless power management, communications, and chips has provided minimalist-cost and advanced sensors that can easily identify innumerable things.

Our newly arrived sensors now muster up the capability of measuring humidity, room temperature, vibration, UV light, and motion. You can get all those controllers in one small device. Therefore, such flexibility of these sensors can easily make your home safer and healthier.

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Want to know more about the home automation process? Contact Cubix controls now as our company offers innumerable home automation materials to our valuable clients. We only aim for excellence and our focus on continuous upliftment. We promote quality culture at every level across the company and our prime principle is “next process is our clients”.